Countess Adelicia of Cumbria, OP, OL

Countess Adelicia My name is Adelicia of Cumbria. I am the Lady of Haakonstead. With my lord husband, we have built a House upon the ideals of service, honor and strength. I have been in the Society for almost 30 years, with most of that time in Atlantia. I received the Order of the Pelican for work as autocrat, MOL, teacher and misc other services. My lord Husband and I went to Drachenwald for several years and there were honored to serve as the 4th King and Queen of Drachenwald. That was what started my interest in good garb. Upon our return to Atlantia, I began to learn and perfect embroidery and jewelry. My newest joys are lampworking, weaving and cooking. I received the Order of the Laurel for my jewelry, research and documentation and other diverse arts. It is my joy to assist others develop themselves along any path they choose, as long as it is done with honor and integrity, in service to the Barony and Kingdom and with joy in their hearts.

Class Handouts

5 Centuries of Beads - Pennsic 2010

Early Period Necklace

Basic Documentation and Research

Vivat, Vivant, Vivats

Bringing it all together: Creating a medieval persona

Surviving Competition

The Sideless Surcoat

Cotehardie Sources

The Double Elimination Tourney

Awards and Recognition

Gordian Knot (Atlantia, Nottinghill Coill): April 9, 1983
Coill's Muse (Atlantia, Nottinghill Coill): April 9, 1983
Award of Arms (Atlantia): October 1, 1983
Pharos (Atlantia, Caer Mear): July 21, 1987
Baron's Award of Excellence (Atlantia, Caer Mear): December 1, 1987
Sovereign's Pleasure (Meridies): June 10, 1989 Kitty Hawk (Atlantia, Windmaster's Hill): August 18, 1989
Golden Dolphin (Atlantia): November 4, 1989
Court Baroness (Atlantia): September 12, 1992
Grant of Arms (Atlantia): September 12, 1992
Pelican (Atlantia): March 6, 1993
Lady of the Rose (Drachenwald): July 1, 1995
Countess (Drachenwald): July 1, 1995
Sigillum Coronae (Drachenwald): January 6, 1996
Boreas (Atlantia, Windmaster's Hill): February 14, 1996
Popular Company of Sojourners (Drachenwald): April 20, 1996
Pearl (Atlantia): April 7, 2001 Whelk (Atlantia, Tir-y-Don): November 10, 2001
Baroness's Order of Courtesy (Atlantia, Tir-y-Don): October 14, 2006
Undine (Atlantia): March 22, 2008
Laurel (Atlantia): November 7, 2009