Doña Mariana Francisco

Doña Mariana Francisco Hello my name is Mariana and I am an A&S Junkie! I am still searching for the 12-step program - though not very diligently. My local group, the Barony of Tir-y-Don feeds the junkie every Thursday so I really see no hope in sight.

My current passion is with Enameling and metalworking. My first love was pewtercasting with soapstone molds. In between I have found an affection for lampwork beads, wireweaving, inkle loom weaving, knitting, and silk painting.

I have served my barony as Chronicler, Seneschal, and Chatelain. Autocratting is also very high on my list of must do's in our society.

You may find me at Atlantia's Holiday Faire merchanting as "Going Medieval" where I share the first fruits of my arts. Below are handouts from classes I have taught. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Mariana's Work

Baltic Region pendants
from 16 gauge copper sheet
Baltic Region pendants

Cloisonne Golden Dolphin Medallion
Cloisonne Golden Dolphin medallion
Tudor Style
Ruby & Lapiz pendant
Fine Silver setting
Ruby Lapiz pendant
Roman Style necklace
with Fine Silver enameled clasp
Roman style colbalt necklace

Enameled Cloisonne
Early Period Bird of Prey
Cloisonne Bird of Prey

Very Early Period Style Carved Lapiz Signet Ring
Carved Lapiz Signet Ring

Fine Silver
Loop-in-Loop necklace
Fine Silver Loop in Loop Necklace
MINI Loop-in-Loop link
made with 26 gauge Fine Silver
MINI Loop-in-Loop links

Tir-Y-Don's Enamelled Coffer
Winning piece at 2010 Kingdom A&S Interbaronial Champion CompetitionBarony of Tir-y-Don, Enamelled Coffer

Baroness' Award of Courtesy
Hand engraved
Eleanor's Baroness' Award of Courtesy badge

Enameled Opal Badge
Dry sifting with a template
Opal Badge, Kingdom of Atlantia

Coral Branch badge
Enamel, Hand engraved
Coral Branch Badge

Pewter Token from hand carved
soap stone moldPewter seashell token
Pewter Cinquefoil Button from
hand carved soap stone moldPewter cinquefoil button
Pewter Norse Warrior from hand carved soap stone moldPewter Norse Warrior
Pewter Valkyrie from hand carved soap stone moldPewter Valkyrie

Handsewn Linen Drawstring bag
with lampwork bead pullsLinen drawstring bag
Pewter holly leaves token from
hand carved soap stone moldPewter holly leaves token
Pewter "Spike" Coins from
hand carved soap stone moldsPewter Spike Coins

Sterling Silver Wire Weave
2 necklaces and a braceletSterling Silver Wire Weave

Amethyst Caged in Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver Wrapped Amethyst

Wool Woven Trim in personal heraldic colors
Wool Woven Trim

Class Handouts & Documentation

Loop in Loop Class handout, Summer 2013
Loop-in-Loop chain Necklace Documentation
Enameling Handout - UPDATED June 2012 -
Documentation for the Enamelled Coffer
Enameling through Period
Pewtercasting - a "how to"


2008 Tir-y-Don Baronial Birthday
2009 Tir-y-Don Baronial Birthday
2010 Kingdom Arts & Sciences (Co-Autocrat)
2010 Summer University (Co-Autocrat)
2011 Kingdom Arts & Sciences
2012 Tir-y-Don Baronial Birthday & Investiture
2012 Fall Coronation of Vladimir & Kalisa

Awards and Recognition

Opal (Atlantia): March 24, 2007
Whelk (Atlantia, Tir-y-Don): October 25, 2008
Coral Branch (Atlantia): February 28, 2010
Swan & Cygnet (Atlantia, Tir-y-Don): March 6, 2010
Pearl (Atlantia): May 28, 2011

2010 Winner Interbaronial Championship Competition at Kingdom A&S
2012 Winner "Best Use of Ruby" at Ruby Joust